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Interesting Facts About Phuket

Phuket is one of the 76 provinces that make up the country of Thailand More than 600,000 people live on the island of Phuket but the official registered Thai population was 360,905 people Phuket is hot and humid throughout the year with the highest temperatures between March and early May. Phuket has nine brooks and [...]

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History of Chulalongkorn Day

The day commemorates King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) who passed away on 23 October 1910. He was the fifth monarch of Siam from the House of Chakri and is considered one of the greatest kings of Siam (now Thailand). He is remembered as the king who introduced many social and political reforms that helped to modernise Siam including the abolishment [...]

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Thailand Facts – Did You Know??

While visiting Thailand, you’ll probably want to visit some temples, so here’s somethings you should know: Dress politely which means, at the very least, covering your knees and shoulders Turn off mobile phones, remove headphones, lower your voice, avoid inappropriate conversation, remove hats, and no smoking or chewing gum. Shoulders should be covered and long [...]

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