Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday was on the 3rd June

In Thailand, the birthday of the current queen is a national public holiday. Queen Suthida’s birthday is on 3 June and is celebrated as Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday throughout the kingdom. Across Thailand, buildings are decorated to honour their queen, with the most splendid are in Bangkok, where many buildings and streets are [...]

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Visakha Bucha Day in Thailand

In Thailand, Buddha's birthday is known as Visakha Bucha Day. Buddha Purnima is the most sacred day in the Buddhist calendar. It is the most important festival of the Buddhists and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Although Buddhists regard every full moon as sacred, the moon of the month of Vaisakh has special significance [...]

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Taking time to rest and recovery is a basic need

Ensuring you make time to recharge is essential and synonymous with a wholesome wellbeing. There is a Japanese poet, Haruki Murakami who says, “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” When you think about it that way, it is going to hurt, but you can choose whether you are going to suffer or not. So, [...]

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Songkran: Thai New Year on the 13th April

Thai New Year lasts for at least three days, depending on the region, and is one of the most joyful celebrations of splashing water at each other to perform a cleansing ritual to bring luck in the following year. It marks the end of the dry season and is also known as Thailand Water [...]

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Treat yourself this Easter to a relaxing Spa day

Treat yourself this Easter to a relaxing Spa day - Have you been to our sister company, Lavana Beauty Spa?? At Lavana Beauty Spa we pride ourselves in delivering 5* service to our valued clients. Our professionally trained therapists will deliver the highest quality of services along with the best home care for you with [...]

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National Thai Elephant Day was on the 13th March

The elephant is one of the enduring symbols of Thailand with the Thai elephant (chang Thai) playing an important role in the history and culture of the country. In 1998 the Thai authorities decide to formally recognise the significance of the animal by designating March 13 as National Thai Elephant Day. Many Thai temples feature depictions of [...]

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Dry body brushing and salt scrubs – a simple technique that we often forget about

Dry brushing and body scrubs are not a new thing. Body exfoliation dates all the way back to 3000 BC, during the first dynasty in Egypt. These age-old techniques have, of recent, quickly grown in popularity. It is a simple way to support good skin health, circulation, and relaxation. Here are some of the amazing [...]

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Chinese Lunar New Year was on the 12th February

An estimated 14% of Thailand’s 65 million population are of Chinese descent, a result of a long history of Chinese immigration into Thailand. In the fourteenth century, Chinese merchants were prominent in the state of Ayutthaya before becoming established in Bangkok. According to historical documents, on the day when Shun, who was one of ancient China’s [...]

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