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Benefits of a Prenatal Thai Massage

Prenatal Thai Massage is a healing system that nourishes moms-to-be as their bodies prepare for childbirth. The rhythmic movements help to decrease physical and emotional stress. It has often been reported that mobility is improved and a more restful night’s sleep. So, what is Prenatal Thai Massage? Prenatal Thai Massage techniques differ in that [...]

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Why have a Sports Massage ?

Massage therapy has come a long way, from a spa treatment for relaxation to specialized therapies, such as sports massage and prenatal massage. Massage therapy is making headway in preventative medicine. Although the muscles might be the richest benefactors of a massage, most people experience a feeling of pure relaxation, reduced anxiety, enhanced attentiveness, [...]

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Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday was on the 3rd June

In Thailand, the birthday of the current queen is a national public holiday. Queen Suthida’s birthday is on 3 June and is celebrated as Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday throughout the kingdom. Across Thailand, buildings are decorated to honour their queen, with the most splendid are in Bangkok, where many buildings and streets are [...]

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10% OFF Traditional Thai Foot Massage – June Special

JUNE THAI FOOT MASSAGE SPECIAL 10% OFF Traditional Thai Foot Massage • Boosts the immune system • Improves blood circulation • Prevents Plantar fasciitis • Cures edema • Releives Stress & Induces Relaxation • Helps to alleviate migraines and headaches Monday to Thursday from 8:30am – 3:30pm Not Applicable on Vouchers, Public holidays, or [...]

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